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Offering the best in Flight Instruction, Aircraft Rental, and Multi Engine Time Building.

At other Flight Schools, students are forced to fit the mold, but learn to fly at Mike's Flying Service and you will break the mold! We custom fit our students with personalized training tailored to the individual's schedule and objectives to ensure success. We are located in Terrell, just East of the congested airspace near Dallas, which means less waiting and more flying. One small step can put you miles above everyone else. It all starts with choosing the right flight school.
Schedule an Intro Ride today, and find out for yourself!

Newest Pilots:Shane Howeth, Multi Commercial 12/19/16...Jeffrey Moore, Private Pilot 12/18/16... Kevin Staciack, Multi Commercial 12/12/16... Nicole Henderson, Multi Commercial 11/23/16...Blake Kimbley, Multi Commercial 11/18/16... Barry Caldwell, Private Pilot 10/29/16...Luke Springer, Multi Commercial 10/25/16... Peter Rodriguez, Private Pilot 10/23/16... Caleigh Richardson, Multi Commercial 10/19/16... Gary Vice, Private Pilot 10/18/16... Matt Harmon, Multi Commercial 10/12/16... Sam Young, Multi Commercial 10/12/16... Jake Ross, Private Pilot 10/9/16... Check Back Frequently For More News...

Current Condtions:  KTRL
Terrell Asos: 972-551-1334