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Build Your Multi-Time In Style!

1955 PA-23 150 Apache with:

  • Garmin 430w
  • Garmin 396
  • X/M Weather & Radio
  • High Density Soundproofing
  • All PIC
  • Block Times Available

The Piper Apache is one of the most efficient twins flying today.  It was Piper's very first all metal airplane and was well over built resulting in a very safe and reliable airplane for the years to come.  Our aircraft are well maintained and fun to fly.

Noise fatigue is a real drag on every pilot, it makes distractions in a learning environment, and long trips feel longer.  With upgraded soundproofing installed now you can hear yourself think while you have fun cruising the skies in our spacious cabin.

We've got you covered with the cheapest all pilot in command time you need!  When you need to build time you don't need to go fast, and no other aircraft on the market can deliver you closer to your goals in a more efficient way than the Apache. 

If you are looking to go corporate, or become an airline pilot this is where you start.  If you are looking to become an Multi Engine Instructor, or get raw flying time to boost your total time above insurance requirements, this is where to go.

We're in the business of helping pilots meet their goals for multi engine time in a safe, fast and affordable way.

Coming from out of town? No problem, Terrell has many hotels within two miles of the airport, not to mention an incredible selection of places to eat.  A car can be made available to you through the local FBO, Terrell Aviation.

If you do not have your license yet you will want a little Flight Training before you get to this point.


"Multi time is multi time, the Apache isn't the fastest twin out there but speed isn't the name of the game when you are building time." - R. Brown

Terms & Conditions:

  • Multi engine time building consists of straight and level cross country flying. 
  • Someone insured in the plane will be sitting right seat at no charge to you. 
  • If we end up over nighting somewhere other than home base (KTRL), although unlikely, you will be responsible for all expenses.
  • All pilots must present a valid passport or birth certificate upon arrival.
  • A $500 non refundable deposit is required to schedule your time building block.
  • If you fly more than your block time, you will be required to pay the balance, immediately upon completion, based on the amount of hours you purchased.
  • Weather and maintenance are beyond our control and may change time to complete your block time.